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Lucky Records

Reykjavik, Iceland

By far the largest 2nd hand vinyl store in Iceland with about 30.000 LPs. Icelandic music + about every other genre, including a big selection of "black" music.

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Whitenoise Records

Hong Kong, Hong Kong Sar China

Hong Kong's answer to [insert name of ultra-hip New York hard-to-find record shop that only stocks the alternativest of the alternative]. Never boring. Staff friendly when spoken to, but otherwise completely detached. A lot of 'white noise' rock in here. Avante garde. But also trendier Pitchfork rated pop. The best alternative selection of vinyl in Hong Kong. Actually, the only alt. selection of vinyl in Hong Kong. Must be a good 500~600 records in stock. Alt. jazz, Alt.noise. Alt.soul. Alt.indie. Alt.hip hop. Very cool. Almost too cool. But, you know.

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